Bookathon Jan 2023

BSB Bookathon: An online literary festival featuring Bold Strokes Books authors
Register now. Join us for panels and readings January 21-22, 2023

LGBTQ fiction publisher Bold Strokes Books is hosting a three day webinar bookathon for your viewing pleasure. Connect with your favorite authors as they read from their latest books and delve into all things literary. Questions to:

Registration is required for each session. Please register for each session you want to attend below. All times are EST. Sessions are 50 minutes.

Saturday January 21, 2023

4:00 PM — New Book, Who Dis?  

Author Readings and Q&A

Join these Bold Strokes Books authors as they reveal a brand new major character in their series.

Moderator: Sandy Lowe

Panelists: ‘Nathan Burgoine, Jenny Frame, Ana Hartnett Reichardt, D.C. Robeline, Brey Willows

5:00 PM — Stuck With You


Join these Bold Strokes Books romance authors as they discuss the pleasures and perils of the forced proximity trope.

Moderator: Ana Hartnett Reichardt

Panelists: Georgia Beers, ‘Nathan Burgoine, Charlotte Greene, Jesse J. Thoma

6:00 PM — Fish Out of Water 

Author Readings and Q&A

Who hasn’t had to navigate the unexpected? Join these Bold Strokes Books authors as they share their characters having new experiences.

Moderator: Sander Santiago

Panelists: CJ Birch, Dena Blake, Radclyffe

7:00 PM — Location, Location, Location!

Author Readings and Q&A

Travel the world with these Bold Strokes Books authors as they read from their new releases set in distinctive locations.

Moderator: Sandra Barret

Panelists: Georgia Beers, Alaina Erdell, Charlotte Greene, Kimberly Cooper Griffin, Karis Walsh

8:00 PM — Family Ties

Author Readings and Q&A

Whether it’s family of origin or family of choice, join these Bold Strokes Books authors for a sneak peek into fictional familial ties.

Moderator: Dena Blake

Panelists: Kris Bryant, Morgan Lee Miller, Krystina Rivers, Sander Santiago

9:00 PM — Opposites Attract


We all love to read opposites attract romances, but how do authors keep this trope fresh? Join us for the discussion!

Moderator: Georgia Beers

Panelists: Jackie D, C.A. Popovich, Ana Hartnett Reichardt, Renee Roman

Sunday January 22, 2023

4:00 PM — Pure Imagination


Every author has heard the classic advice: write what you know. Join us for this discussion about turning the world around us into fiction.

Moderator: ‘Nathan Burgoine

Panelists: Sandra Barret, Alaina Erdell, D.C. Robeline, Ali Vali, Brey Willows

5:00 PM — Fantasyland

Author Readings and Q&A

Whether it’s a whole new world or a tale of the imagination, join us for these fantasy readings.

Moderator: Charlotte Greene

Panelists: Lesley Davis, Piper Jordan, Renee Roman, Jesse J. Thoma

6:00 PM — Nice Work If You Can Get It


A career says a lot about a person. Join these Bold Strokes Books authors as they discuss their characters’ professional lives.

Moderator: Kimberly Cooper Griffin

Panelists: Dena Blake, Kris Bryant, Lesley Davis, Krystina Rivers, Karis Walsh

7:00 PM — Reboot


Whether it’s rags to riches or an angsty love triangle, we all enjoy a good character arc. Join these Bold Strokes Books authors as they discuss how characters grow and change.

Moderator: Jesse J. Thoma

Panelists: CJ Birch, Kimberly Cooper Griffin, Morgan Lee Miller, Radclyffe, Sander Santiago

8:00 PM — Secrets and Lies

Author Readings and Q&A

Secrets and lies? Cue the drama! Join us for the mystery and the mayhem as these Bold Strokes Books authors read from scenes of deception.

Moderator: CJ Birch

Panelists: Sandra Barret, Jackie D, C.A. Popovich, Carsen Taite, MJ Williamz